Short Story #5

When you love someone who (almost) dies

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Thursday night BBQ (and what it has taught me about community)

For our wedding, Dustin’s groomsmen gifted us with an awesome grill. I mean, it’s the nicest thing we own. And because we didn’t want the thing to go to waste, we threw a Barbecue with our Tallahassee friends shortly after returning from our honeymoon. In our little townhouse living room, we gathered with ten friends, we girl scout prayed, we ate, we laughed, we played Chinese checkers, and we vowed to make this a weekly thing. And the real miracle: it has actually been a weekly thing!

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(my) true Tallahassee experience

So you’re new to Tallahassee (or never ventured far from the strip during your stay here). I love Tally, it’s so much more than a college town, it’s an outdoorsy, lovely, southern small town disguised as a big city. So, if you need a few places to explore, here are just a few places in the lovely 32304(01, 03, 08,09, 12…) that I love very much. In no particular order, and I’ve definitely left a few out.

First group: FOOD.

I love food, I love all foods. Here is my food list of greatness

Coffee Shops: Redeye and Lucky Goat (bless)

*Keeps you happy on the busy study days and perfect environment for lovely conversations

Breakfast/ Brunch: UpTown Cafe, Cool Beanz Cafe, Canopy Roads Cafe, Jenny’s Lunch Box

Tally Classics: aphrodisiac oyster shack (don’t go on comedy night…), Pitaria (eat at Lake Ella), Barnacle Bills, Jim & Milts (go on wing day, get 4 wings, gold. Side hot sauce, LARGE ranch, onion rings, Brunswick stew)

Yummy Date days: Bella Bella (only go with a boy you want to fall in love with), Harry’s (Banana Foster, don’t ask questions just do it)

Nights: WhattaBurger (only at 1AM, only to eat a HunButChicBisc), WingStop (with roomies when you need the good munchies), DONUT KINGDOM

Honorary : Angelettes (Freshman fav, closed. Don’t tax evade friends) , CJs (still crying bc you’re gone), The Black Bean (will the construction ever be over?!)

Second: The great outdoors

You can not truly experience Tallahassee unless you experience it’s ample parks, rolling hills, sinkholes, and lovely hide-a-ways. So some of my top favs

Miccosukee Green Way (bring your pup)

Tom Brown

*make sure to do Cadillac trail that will connect you to Piney- Z and Lafayette Heritage Park

 *Also, Disc Golf

Dorothy B. Oven, Beautiful year round

 *protip: go see the lights in December, but NOT on Elf Night

Lichgate on High, right near campus. Beautiful. Come for the quietness, walk the labyrinth, breathe.

The “secret” third lake at the rez (find it yourself like the adventurers before you did, feel like a baller)

*additionally, hike the third lake when the water level is obscenely low, don’t get hit by a truck

A bit of Travel: St George Island (also bring your pup and suncreen)

Third: Tally Events

Tallahassee offers a variety of events year round for every type of person. Here are some I love to attend

Food Trucks, Big Easy, Lake Ella: only trinity greater is the Holy One

Down Town Get Down (make sure you make a free concert!)

First Friday: So hipster, so artsy, so fun

Celebration of Lights (watch the Lofty Pursuit Pros make candy)

 *walk candyland at night with a new friend, talk too much and enjoy downtown at 3 am

Springtime Tally (like the Saturday morning market but on steroids)

*Bring a friend that is new to southern culture, allow them to marvel like it is Disney World

Football games (or just the tailgate)

 *make a friend with a truck, bring your own grill, talk to those around you, dance in the Salley Hall Parking lot, listen to loud music, love life

Parades: there will be a lot, go to one. Be kind to those around you

Fourth: Places of Tallahassee

Tally is such a unique and fun place- especially when you break out of college town

Stetsons: Country bar, with line dancing and Karaoke. Go early (9PM) and do the line dance lessons.

  *And promise me that even if you’re not good, you’ll dance and laugh anyway (just not during the watermelon crawl DO NOT do the watermelon crawl unless you know it)

 *stay for ONE booty break, then leave. It’s all down hill from there

Fire Betty’s, so much fun! mostly 90s and 2000s music, arcade games, nice people

*play giant Jenga with the closest group of strangers, make new friends, laugh and smack talk

Bradley’s country store

 *play chess, get a spicy sausage and a specialty soda, eat on the swing, enjoy the beauty of almost Georgia

The BookMine

*DISCLAIMER: I have still not been here but when I do I will breathe in the book scent and let the nostalgia move me

See a play/ musical at FSU because these people have TALENT and you will be inspired/ upset your parents didn’t force you to continue in ballet

Dollar Movie Theater(really three, must pay in quarters)

Psych Courtyard (sunbathe and take pictures with the busts)

Explore Dodd Hall (it’s the most beautiful of all)

*take the cool elevator, go to the museum, get lost in it’s tunneled halls, feel blessed to go to this university

A bit of travel: day trip to a nearby town for thrifting (Havana, Monticello, etc…)

Also a bit of travel: Jonah’s day or (this may be blaspheme but I like it better) George & Louie’s

*Walk the shops of Thomasville, feel southern and fancy. Admire the ivy walls and take a book from the book trading stations. insta galore for this picturesque downtown

Fifth: Whimsy

Things that just made my Tallahassee experience one to never forget

Swim in the Wescott Fountain for funsies (or have bible study in it, we’ve done both)

Chill in the landis fountain on a sunny day

Embrace the pollen, it means spring and flowers and beauty

Never forget the frivolity of seeing your breath on a cold morning

Dance with the lovebugs

Get a study room so you and friends can cry in peace

Love every moment you have in this charming, big small town.


Now, this list is long but even as I finished I thought of places: Ice skating, The Globe, fireworks from the top of the Capitol, Tallahassee Museum, Cascades Park, MONKS (I’m so sorry, I love you so much). So go and explore! and share your favorite places with me. 🙂

All pictures provided by Aerial Tallahassee, go follow them on insta and FB to be inspired