a trip update!

We are very pleased to share that Dustin was able to get off work for our trip to Senegal with ease! This is such an answered prayer: not only that Dustin can go on the trip but that he is in a work environment that is healthy and supportive! Thanks Jesus for providing for us in all things!

Today, I am filing for my new passport with my name change- which will cost the same as getting a new passport, $140! I am always shocked by the price of things, and usually very discouraged: I hate spending money on myself and things that to me seem selfish (I was beating my self up because Dustin is putting me on his insurance, you know, a usual marriage step but I felt like such a burden) I know I allow Satan to manipulate me in the area of finances, but if I allowed him succeed in that, I would never apply for seminary because of the application fee, I wouldn’t get the passport because of the price,  but the Lord, again, provides constantly for me- for us. The Lord graciously gave me a very kind and supportive husband, that constantly reminds me of the things that are important to God and to him, that makes sure I know that the money is always “ours” not “mine and yours” and backs me on these big purchases I am afraid to make with prayer and support.

Speaking of finances, we have been slow to raise money for our trip, with a new job and taking on some additional things, we have been slow to save up on our own for our trip, having to allocate to different areas. Again, I allow Satan to discourage me in this. But again, I am reminded of the Lord’s provision and faithfulness in all things, but especially financially in my walk with Christ. My tax return is always the exact amount I need to pay for classes and bills, I have received grants mere hours before tuition is due, I have gotten random gift from a friend in the mail during difficult times, I’ll find random money in a drawer. And in marriage now, the Lord has blessed us with more than we need so that we can give back to others, so that we can buy people things to encourage them, so that we can take them out to eat and pray with them.

The Lord has always provided financially when it is something doing with His Will, and until the Lord shows us otherwise, His desire for us is missions- and with that knowledge we will continue to rely on the Lord in all things, knowing that the money will come through, knowing that our hearts will be taken care of by the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

So, my friends, hear my prayer of thankfulness to the Giver of Salvation, thanking Him for my life, for my Savior, for the prayers He has answered, the path He has cleared.

Thanks be to the Lord!



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