Here I am Lord! (send me)

For those of you that have spoken to Dustin and I about the future, “where we see ourselves in ten years” you know our answer is usually “we don’t know!”.

I know, I know, that sounds like zero planning, like we’re floating in the stage of almost adulthood, not quite willing to make any firm commitments. But that’s not the case.

Separately, when our “we” was “he” and “she” we felt the Lord’s calling to missions.

For Dustin, it’s how well he acclimates to new cultures, how everyone is a new friend, everyday a new adventure (he inspires me daily to be kinder, more generous, and over all a better person- but, hey, that’s another blog post).

For me, it was tears in my eyes when I heard missionaries speak, it was the call of Isaiah becoming the cry of my heart, and feeling the most myself cross legged with a friend, drinking tea and learning more about her home.

Now that we are “we” we have started praying: for guidance, for assurance, for a heart that breaks hard for others. And the Lord has been sovereign. We don’t know much my friends, we don’t know where or how or exactly when, but we know the Lord is asking us to prepare our hearts for a life led missionally.

As a part of preparing our hearts and loving a multitude of nations, Dustin and I have the honor to join a team from our church (TRBC) on a trip to Senegal, Africa from November 1- November 12th, 2016.

We are so very excited to go on this adventure, to meet new people, to learn new things about others (and ourselves), and, most importantly, spread the Love of God and encourage our sisters and brothers in Christ across the globe.

As we prepare, we ask for your prayers.

*that Dustin is able to get time off easily

*that our team’s heart is prepared

*that the Lord is present and orchestrating

if you feel led to support us financially, please visit our gofundme page:


Thanks for reading!

The Tanners


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